The Hippie Music Day is organized by the Il Giardino degli Orbs Cultural Association with the patronage of the Union of Municipalities of Parteolla and in particular the Municipality of Serdiana and Soleminis.

Il Giardino degli Orbs deals with the organization of events in the fields of spirituality, eco-sustainability and everything that resonates with the community values of the Association. The nucleus of the cultural center was born from the intuition of Valentina Meloni and Giovanni Solinas, souls in symbiosis constantly seeking evolution starting from work on themselves.

The Garden of Orbs Staff is made up of free thinkers on the move, intrigued by everything that lies beyond the veil. A multidisciplinary group made up of various specialists, capable of creating connections, contributions and different energies aimed at a common project. This has allowed the creation of events of different kinds and sizes, always with the ultimate goal of the harmonious development of human beings within their own habitat.

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Parco Santa Maria di Sibiola, Serdiana

+39 393 977 3961

oppure +39 3206199469